Mary Plasterer | Digital Learning Designer
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Hi, I’m Mary Plasterer. I am a creative designer specializing in innovative digital learning development, user experience design, graphic design and interaction design for the development of web applications and digital learning products.

I graduated from George Brown College School of Design in 2006 with a Diploma in Digital Design and Technology. During my 4 years there I studied graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, video editing, sensor technology and collaborated with design professionals on a variety of research projects for corporate clients. With my expertise in digital design I was welcomed to the CFC Media Lab (2006) where I formed a start-up with a few of my colleagues around an innovative digital toy idea. During product development, we worked on and received a patent for the idea and worked closely with Hasbro to develop the product.

From there I shifted gears from the entrepreneurial world to online learning, and now have over a decade of professional experience developing creative and effective end-to-end eLearning experiences for a variety of diverse clients. My drive, strong communication skills, passion for outstanding and accessible design, and continued learning and education are what makes me an essential member of the design team.


Digital Learning Design and Development (Articulate Storyline, Moodle/Bootstrap, H5P)
User Interface Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD)
User Experience Design (Axure RP, Invision)
Interaction Design (HTML, Javascript, CSS, Vue JS Framework)
Illustration/Animation (Adobe Illustrator, VideoScribe, Wacom Inkspace)
Video Editing (Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro)
Audio Editing (Audacity, Adobe Audition)

In addition to the above skills and experience, I am a mom of two young boys. When I’m not staring a screen, I’m on adventures with my boys watching them grow up way too fast.